UX is not a process


“User experience is such a nebulous term.”
Aarron WalterThe UX Reader

As a newbie to user experience (UX) design, one question bugs me the most: what the bloody hell is UX, really?

In my search for the answer, however, I turned from curious to frustratingly confused. It appears that UX experts can’t agree amongst themselves: 2 common definitions of UX are widely subscribed to, but each appear to describe something completely different. Read more UX is not a process

5 Things UX Designers Should Never Say by @lauraklein & @katerutter


I’ve recently stumbled upon an insightful podcast by Laura Klein and Kate Rutter, in which they discussed, and provided solutions to avoid, the top five things that UX (user experience) designers should never say. These include misguided questions that UX researchers often ask their customers, as well as mindsets that some UX designers have (but shouldn’t).

You should listen to their podcast. But if you can’t spare the time (or the internet bandwidth on your mobile device), I’ve summarised the key reasons why these five statements are taboo, and what you should ask (or do) instead for each case.

Read more 5 Things UX Designers Should Never Say by @lauraklein & @katerutter