So, What’s This UX Blog About?


Hi, I’m Yu Sheng, a UI designer at a SaaS startup based in Singapore. I’m transitioning over to a UX (user experience) designer role. And I’m going to share everything that I learn about UX design along the way.

I know, UX design isn’t exactly that new, and there are lots of books, blogs and online resources out there, where experts share their (probably) better advice and tips. So, why should you read my blog?

Because I’ll act as a testing ground for all those expert opinions out there, and I’ll let you know which practices work and which don’t (in a given context), and give you a heads up on common mistakes that newbies make.

Because I’m working on a real product, and I’ll be talking about the real-life challenges that I face improving its UX. No bullshit, no glorification.

Because I’m based in Singapore, where the UX industry is still at its nascent stage. Unlike in San Francisco, it’s hard to find companies here that have good UX processes figured out. So I’m on a path less travelled, discovering things that don’t yet exist (at least in Singapore).

In other words, if you’re an aspiring UX designer, or the product manager of a company that’s thinking of developing a UX team, or if you just like real, honest articles about UX and UX design, chances are, you’ll like this blog, and find it useful.

Jensen Ackles approves.
I wanna share everything that I learn about UX with you.

Let me share the latest UX design discoveries, best practices, and processes that I learn with you, as I transition to become a better UX designer. No bullshit, no glorification.